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We all know that exercising aids in weight loss/control, and it contributes to a healthy living… but what else, exactly?

  1. Exercise boots your energy level. If you find yourself sleepy throughout the day even though you’ve slept and eaten enough, then the one thing you might be lacking is exercise. Exercising delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, and it helps your entire cardiovascular system (blood circulation through heart and blood vessel) to work more efficiently; which gives you more energy.
  2. Exercise promotes better sleep. Ever heard of insomnia? Sleep apnea? You bet! Almost everyone experiences it at least few times. And one of the leading causes might be a lack of exercise. Exercises can help you fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep. (BUT here’s the thing, if you exercised too close to bedtime, you may be too energized to fall asleep. Give it at least 4 hours in between).
  3. Exercise stimulates the formation of new brain cells... and researchers found that the areas of brain that are stimulated through exercise are responsible for memory and learning. Therefore, when you exercise regularly, you’re gonna find yourself having better performance in problem solving, decision-making process and memory.
  4. Do you want to be able to feel better about yourself? To have an improved body image? To be less anxious? To have higher self-esteem? If you do, do exercise! ;)
  5. Mood swings? Try exercising, because exercise improves your mood. It is a natural and powerful antidepressant; the antidepressant effect of a regular exercise is comparable to powerful antidepressant like Zoloft. So why not just try exercising?



…not for daily make-up! Though it makes your skin oh-so-flawless, too much of it gonna clog your pores. So skip it when you’re going to school, work, malls, etc. If you got some acne, pat on some concealers — yes, pat it on. You do NOT rub concealers on your acne; because that way’s gonna halve your concealer’s “magic” :D

However, let concealer be your last resort! Again, cosmetics should complement your beauty, not covering your flaws! Read about how you can get a naturally beautiful skin: beauty sleep, choose the right ingredients! and drink to beauty!

To put it bluntly, beautiful eyes are healthy eyes! If you’re eyes are unhealthy, no make up can make them look truly good.

Someone wrote: “Healthy eyes are those with clear whites, and the iris is bright and the lids are not granulated. Healthy eyes move easily and lend animation to the whole face.”

Honestly, I love to go natural.

I think eyes are very delicate; I wouldn’t dare to put some chemical drops just to get rid of the redness, or etc… Unless, if it’s an eye medication, of course (>_<)

Few simple habits to beautify your eyes:

  1. Don’t stare on the computer screen for too long. Let your eyes rest.
  2. When you read, make sure you have adequate amount of lighting — not too much, not too less.
  3. Get your beauty sleep! Yes, the quantity does matter, but the time when you start sleeping matters as well.
  4. Go on a detox. I really couldn’t stress this more. After you went on a good detox, you’ll see your eyes brighter — it sparkles, literally. A sign of true health from within.

Let make-up complements your beauty, not covers up your flaw.

Simplest make-up trick to make your beautiful eyes come out even more:

  1. Eyeliner/Eye definer
  2. Mascara

These two should do the magic for a natural, everyday look :)

If you would like something more, there are so many good make-up tutorials all over the net. My favs are Bubzbeauty’s, Catalina’s, Kandee Johnson’s, Miss Jessica Harlow’s channels…and so on

P.S. You gotta appear well-groomed as well, so trimmed your eye brows! ;)

P.P.S. It’s not a lie when one said ‘eyes are the windows to your soul’ — have confidence and be happy! It’s shown. You could even feel the difference how your eyes sparkled when you’re clothed with those two! xx