To put it bluntly, beautiful eyes are healthy eyes! If you’re eyes are unhealthy, no make up can make them look truly good.

Someone wrote: “Healthy eyes are those with clear whites, and the iris is bright and the lids are not granulated. Healthy eyes move easily and lend animation to the whole face.”

Honestly, I love to go natural.

I think eyes are very delicate; I wouldn’t dare to put some chemical drops just to get rid of the redness, or etc… Unless, if it’s an eye medication, of course (>_<)

Few simple habits to beautify your eyes:

  1. Don’t stare on the computer screen for too long. Let your eyes rest.
  2. When you read, make sure you have adequate amount of lighting — not too much, not too less.
  3. Get your beauty sleep! Yes, the quantity does matter, but the time when you start sleeping matters as well.
  4. Go on a detox. I really couldn’t stress this more. After you went on a good detox, you’ll see your eyes brighter — it sparkles, literally. A sign of true health from within.

Let make-up complements your beauty, not covers up your flaw.

Simplest make-up trick to make your beautiful eyes come out even more:

  1. Eyeliner/Eye definer
  2. Mascara

These two should do the magic for a natural, everyday look :)

If you would like something more, there are so many good make-up tutorials all over the net. My favs are Bubzbeauty’s, Catalina’s, Kandee Johnson’s, Miss Jessica Harlow’s channels…and so on

P.S. You gotta appear well-groomed as well, so trimmed your eye brows! ;)

P.P.S. It’s not a lie when one said ‘eyes are the windows to your soul’ — have confidence and be happy! It’s shown. You could even feel the difference how your eyes sparkled when you’re clothed with those two! xx