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…not for daily make-up! Though it makes your skin oh-so-flawless, too much of it gonna clog your pores. So skip it when you’re going to school, work, malls, etc. If you got some acne, pat on some concealers — yes, pat it on. You do NOT rub concealers on your acne; because that way’s gonna halve your concealer’s “magic” :D

However, let concealer be your last resort! Again, cosmetics should complement your beauty, not covering your flaws! Read about how you can get a naturally beautiful skin: beauty sleep, choose the right ingredients! and drink to beauty!


…to my previous post. For those who were wondering how could salt work on acne, it’s about the simple water movement you learned in high school! Let me refresh you a bit :)

What happened when you put some salt solution on your acne is a classic hypertonic solution. Now if there were bacteria in a surrounding where salt is the solute (which makes the concentration higher outside of the bacteria cell than the inside) the water would diffused out of the bacterial cell (water leaves the bacterial cell), causing the cell to shrivel and die.

…and that’s how salt works killing the bacteria that lead to acne! :)

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